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Our experience tells us that our customers know how to run their businesses very well. We have also been fortunate to witness the phenomenal additional benefits that an integrated technology solution can bring to a sound business model. As consultants, we partner with our prospects on recommending software, infrastructure, interfaces, resources and process improvements that empower them to take the next step forward towards realizing their vision of growth.

Product Selection

Product Selection

Growing organizations have reported as much as 40% productivity gains by using innovative technology solutions aligned to their business processes. Global conglomerates have found value in business intelligence inputs generated from authentic geographically distributed data. Startup companies have gained bandwidth to focus on superior customer service and develop niche markets by outsourcing technology functions to IT partners. Whether a large enterprise or an incubated venture, with Godrej Infotech Limited, you can always find the best product and services that fit your budget and business needs.

Our comprehensive suite of products aim to provide legacy modernization, application integration, enterprise mobility and cloud hosting on a single unified platform. As a growing organization, you can select from a wide range of ERP, CRM and SCE products specially designed for the Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Automotives, Healthcare, Distribution, Retail, Education, Oil and Gas, Hospitality and Customer Service based industries.

Business Process Study

Business Process Study

Our functional and technical consultants will visit your premises to get a first hand view of current operations. Starting from an as-is business study to recommendations for process and technology improvements, we will prepare a detailed prognosis for you that is most appropriate considering industry directions, market dynamics and your unique value propositions.

Following are some of the perspectives that are considered during this kind of engagement:
Businesses are often forced to perform multiple and sometimes redundant steps due to complicated multi-location, multi-business unit legacy setups. As compared to these multi-level activities, users can take advantage of system integration to combine several related steps into a single centralized transaction.

Many a times, big ticket opportunities are lost because organizations do not have the right systems and processes in place for providing rapid responses to unpredictable market demands. Sophisticated business intelligence solutions have the ability to pull up data from heterogeneous sources and present real time, multi-dimensional dashboards and views in order to enable informed decision making.

System Audit

System Audit

Research shows that 25% of global organizations that have deployed ERP systems use only 40 - 50% of the total functionality offered. Lack of system understanding and a perception of complexity are the two main reasons why companies face challenges in easy adoption towards integrated automated solutions. There are several steps that such organizations can follow to ensure that they are utilizing close to 100% of the system's features. With a system audit, our consultants will take a deep dive into your existing system and identify key repair areas such as:

  • Workflow Simplification
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Performance Tuning
  • Functional Training
  • Detailed Documentation

At the end of the system audit phase, key stakeholders can take recommended next steps of action and get going with a fully functional ERP solution.

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Our customers are delighted with the turnaround in their businesses by adopting disciplined, structured, and systematic processes. Implementing best-fit software and infrastructure solutions has given them the winning edge that makes them stand out as leaders in their respective industries.

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