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Godrej Infotech Limited, till date has successfully partnered with numerous renowned businesses for implementation, deployment, migration and support services of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product. A user centric software, MD NAV is available for both cloud and server deployments, providing a uniform user experience across mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

A state-of-the-art futurist ERP software that has been specifically designed for small and mid-sized organizations, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product has been deployed in a large number of multi-location, multi-national businesses worldwide. The product now easily integrates with other Microsoft Office professional tools such as Office 365 and Power BI to bring to you the best of all Microsoft technologies under a single unified platform. You can now experience the benefits of working in a collaborative, social environment with the flexibility of switching from the high level picture to the drill down details as and when need. The Azure based cloud deployment allows you to host your software in a secure, optimized, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that would otherwise significantly impact an organization's budget if done on an individual basis.

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  • Financial Management

    Core Modules

    • General Ledger
    • Fixed Assets
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Sales Order Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Assembly Management
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting
    • Project Management
    • Service Management


  • Consulting

    Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Dimension Support

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV will automatically perform currency and dimension conversions so as to give a comprehensive view of all transactions across subsidiary companies and diverse geographies. Furthermore, key reports and decision making information are available in multiple languages for covering the entire spectrum of an organization's user base.

  • Implementation

    Effective Project Management

    You can now easily achieve targets with the right tools for estimation, resource and capacity management, calendar planning, timesheet processing, profitability forecasting, budget allocation and progress monitoring by means of automated action triggers with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV project management suite.

  • Upgrade & Migration

    Systematic sales and receivables

    Integrated inventory, receivables and general ledger saves significant time and effort for the sales personnel on the field. The sales team achieves greater credibility by promising realistic delivery dates and rates based on actual stock and margin numbers leading to smoother streamlined sales operations.

  • Application Support

    Seamless NAV - CRM integration

    You can make the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM systems work complementary to each other in order to get the big picture collaborative way of operating your business. Sales orders can be entered directly in CRM and then made available to the NAV system for further processing. Historical customer trends can be pulled from NAV into CRM for sales people to know the range of a customer's buying preferences.

  • Training

    Precise business intelligence

    The Power BI Content Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows all stakeholders to get a real time, clear picture of all relevant numbers such as the opportunity pipeline, sales orders opened and closed, cash cycle components, expense and revenue details based on groups such as regions, sales persons and calendar periods.


  • Improved Sales Management

    Electronic communication

    You can do your bit in the Go Paperless, Go Green movement by choosing to follow the e-communication model of transferring invoices and credit notes. NAV supports standard document formats and exchange services and allows users to create a sending profile for defining preferred send behaviour for the various recipient groups. Received documents automatically integrate with the system's document management features so that all information related to a particular context can be organized and made available easily and quickly.

  • Improved Marketing Efficiency

    24 Hour knowledge base

    Customers can benefit from a huge number of online trainings directly created by the top architects and business experts from the Microsoft Dynamics team. The 24 hour CustomerSource portal is included as part of your Service Plan and gives regular updates for download along with other key resources that ensure your investment in the product is supported all the way.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    Assured security

    With the cloud based deployment option, Microsoft Dynamics as your hosting provider caters to your server security requirements and assures that industry standard security benchmarks and best practice mandates are met. Local IT teams can be relieved of the extra bandwidth needed to administer portable devices and individual storage options which are more prone to security breaches.

  • Business Productivity Gains


    The Microsoft Dynamics NAV product has in-built add-ins for Excel and Word which means that you can work together with information in multiple systems to give you a consolidated view of your operations. The simplicity of accessing and refreshing NAV based data directly from your excel spreadsheet gives you that additional edge of producing meaningful, up-to-date and accurate reports for easier decision making.

  • Existing MS Technology

    Value added add-on systems

    Achieve end-to-end capabilities with easy integration to GITL's value - added solutions in the areas of HRMS, Payroll, Quality and Export-Import.