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Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365, a much awaited product from Microsoft that addresses the many requirements that have come up from the 'Voice of the Customer'. Customers are delighted to have a unified ERP and CRM interface with a single source of data. Dynamics 365 combines productivity based tools like Word, Excel and Outlook with business process automation related features such as Accounting, Distribution, Sales, and Customer Service. A single sign-on solution deployable on-premise or on the cloud, Dynamics 365 is available in desktop, mobile app and tablet versions with support for Windows, Apple and Android platforms.

At Godrej Infotech Limited, we are now extending our ERP and CRM product range to include the unified Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Our team of solution architects, project managers, functional and technical consultants are trained to provide best-fit, standard or custom-built, cost-effective solutions that address all the challenges faced by customers across multiple industry verticals.

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  • Financial Management

    Core Modules

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Field Service
    • Project Service Automation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Insights
    • Operations
    • Financials


  • Consulting

    Common Data Model

    Keeping interoperability as the primary goal, Microsoft has designed the D-365 product with a unique platform for unifying data across various sources. In addition to storing data for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365, the Common Data Model is equipped with connectors for social media sources like Twitter and Dropbox, as well as gateways for connecting to on-premise data sources from other applications.

  • Implementation

    Extensibility and Customization

    Core functionality provided with Dynamics 365 can easily be extended with multiple composable business applications that are available through AppSource. Furthermore, the cloud based PowerApps feature allows for building visual applications using data connectors without writing any code. The product is fully customizable giving organizations the flexibility to have their operations automated as per their business needs.

  • Upgrade & Migration

    Social Engagement

    A platform specially built for modern, social media savvy enterprises, Dynamics 365 has customer focussed modules that provide real time data from sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. One of the most interesting aspects is the ability of the product to automatically pull leads from social media posts and provide them as input to sales teams for further follow ups.

  • Application Support

    Cloud Deployment

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 can easily be configured and deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform, giving organizations access to more computing, bandwidth and storage options, all on a pay-per-use basis. Cloud deployments are also backed by a financially mapped SLA so as to maximize uptime for customers.

  • Training

    Field Service

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 has added a whole new dimension to the efficient functioning of today's field service enterprises. Features such as skill based allocations, optimal routing and dispatch, customer preference management, remote administration and centralized inventory have been designed for giving professionals on the field the best of tools that are needed to win customer delight.


  • Improve Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    The most important benefit to Microsoft Dynamics 365 users is the time savings achieved by avoiding switching between multiple applications and interfaces. Many activities can be performed directly from Outlook, which gives users the advantage of working with an application that they are already familiar with. The product can be used on the go, giving users that all important edge of working anytime, anyplace.

  • Manage Changes & Growth

    Cost Savings

    Organizations need to pay for only what they consume, which is a great advantage for SME's, medium and large scale enterprises alike. A number of value-added services such as data encryption, social engagement, and knowledge article authoring have been added free of cost. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in Business (10-250 Users) and Enterprise (250+ Users) Editions with different functions available for Full Users and Light Users (Team Members).

  • Compete Globally

    Ease of Setup

    The need for extensive configuration and setup is minimized by the new self-implementable model in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Wizard based interfaces make it easy to import data, setup company configurations, tax rules, workflow approvals, email accounts, and connections to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook.

  • Simplify Compliances

    Customer Focus

    Organizations can go that extra mile when it comes to customer service, with a number of customer-oriented functions such as sales history, customer creation templates, opportunity management, searchable knowledge management, omni-channel portal, and contextual navigation. Agents have access to a 360 degree customer view and a visual case management interface for tracking, prioritizing and escalating cases.

  • Steamline Business Processes


    Both the on-premise and cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 have an in-built Security Model with preconfigured role based access for the end-users. With this feature, application users are authorized to use only those functions that are needed for their operations. Furthermore, multi-level security restrictions can be setup at the business unit, role, record and field levels.

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