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Godrej Infotech Limited, is humbled to be the first, and only Indian organization to reach the diamond level of partnership with LS Retail. This fully integrated, complete retail management solution, delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by today's retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and costly interfaces.

With special features for fashion, electronics, grocery, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and e-commerce based organizations, the LS Retail product pack comes with flexible, cost-effective options that can fit into an organization's existing IT infrastructure. Easy upgrade paths from Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), a robust Data Director that ensures high speed data replication, and a modern omni-channel module are some of the features that make this product a best fit solution for the needs of today's retail organizations. For the ones that are on the emerging technology path, the most recent offering is the LS One Express, a cloud based back-office solution that enables all POS transactions to be sent and stored directly on the cloud.

The product suite compromises of -

Retail Industry

  • LS One: POS Solutions
  • LS NAV: POS Solutions combined with backend ERP

Hospitality Industry

  • LS One Hospitality: Restaurant POS Solution
  • LS NAV Hospitality: Restaurant Management System (POS and ERP)
  • LS First Hospitality: Restaurant Management System (POS and ERP)

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  • CoreModules

    Core Modules

    LS One

    • POS
    • Inventory
    • Customer Management
    • BackOffice

    LS NAV

    • Inventory
    • POS
    • In-Store
    • Staff
    • Product
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • Mobile and e-Commerce


  • Product management

    Product management

    Stock management tools for organizing products along with their respective store locations into simplified hierarchical, non-hierarchical or special group structures help small, mid and large retail organizations to scale to their aspired levels of productivity and agility. The most important part of this feature is the uniform availability of this data, at the POS, at the regional branches, and at the centralized head offices. As many as six dimensions (e.g. style, size, colour, flavour etc.) can be defined for each item, which can then be looked up at the POS to resolve real time queries from customers. Furthermore, this clear organization of data gives opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling of items, leading to improved sales and profitability.

  • Replenishment


    The LS Retail solution comes with both - manual as well as auto replenishment features for ensuring that inventory is maintained at the right levels at the right stores. The wireless hand-held item scanning and processing system compliments the replenishment function by directly issuing transfer and purchase orders when trigger levels are reached. The system also comes with a planning and forecasting module, that can be used by merchandisers to purchase items based on real-time market trends, historical inputs on store locations and customer preferences.

  • Powerful pos

    Powerful pos

    Retailers depend heavily on their POS system for ensuring speedy checkouts and excellent customer service. With the LS Retail POS, features such as automatic offer calculations, staff authorization, payment method flexibility, online-offline mode, customized receipt and POS layouts go a long way in bringing ease and swiftness to today's retail employees. Authenticity of data is maintained as some critical functions such as voids, returns, high value discounts and exchanges can be executed only with manager permissions.

  • Intelligent analysis

    Intelligent analysis

    A special, personalized shopping experience can be created for customers using LS Retail's advanced analytic features. Daily dashboards and KPI monitors enable analysts to identify combo products, best-selling items and excelling sales personnel, along with performing in-depth store-wise and product wise comparisons for highlighting buying trends, financial loss and theft scenarios.

  • Omni channel integration

    Omni channel integration

    Today's customers need everything fast and personalized - Every product comes with a choice of size, style, colour and accessories. With LS Omni's new e-Commerce Click and Collect integration, customers can now order customized items and have them delivered at home or collect them directly from the store. Highly touch optimized - LS Omni is a fully integrated system that can be accessed from iPADs, Windows and Android tablets.


  • Brand loyalty

    Brand loyalty

    Reward returning customers with the best of personalized and time appropriate offers that can be redeemed with convenience and ease. Features such as speedy customer profile creation at the POS, customer group categorization, campaign management and loyalty points tracking help retail organizations in managing their most important asset - their loyal customers.

  • Easy financial management

    Easy financial management

    CFO's can better organize their monetary positions with the comprehensive financial solutions provided specially for the retail industry. The system includes loss prevention tools, tax calculators, graphical operational dashboards, escalation triggers and cash management mechanisms for creating smoothly running, forward looking and commercially viable retail businesses.

  • Happy staff

    Happy staff

    A happy retail staff is a sign of a people centric organization and automatically leads to happier customers. Staff productivity can be increased with system features such as automatic sales commissions, approvals for regularized and planned work hours, and most importantly - timely reimbursements and salary payments.

  • Secure systems

    Secure systems

    LS Retail goes the extra mile when it comes to providing data safety and access security aspects. All functions are accessed with role level authentication and authorization mechanisms, in addition to PCI compliance and payment data encryption features that have been built specially for the retail industry.

  • Social media communication

    Social media communication

    Organizations can reach out to customers based on their preferred time, place and mode of communication with the new LS NAV social branding tools. Marketing messages can be generated centrally and passed on accurately to distributed branches through modern platforms such as mobile and web. Marketing folks will be excited at the ease with which optimized and relevant content can be published on channels such as Facebook and Twitter using LS NAV's in-built image and text editing media management tools.