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Infor Birst has been recognized as a 'Niche Player' in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. The topmost reason for this is that Birst allows for data consolidation and aggregation from centralized and decentralized sources; with some organizations using as many as 9 different data sources to generate their business dashboards. A networked BI solution, Birst performs data analytics by using a single repository shared across the network, and a common set of business rules that can be reused for achieving faster processing results. The solution is capable of performing the entire range of BI tasks, right from simple report generation to the more complex number crunching and KPI generation activities. It can be used across multiple functional areas such as Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance. Being a multi-tenant cloud application, Birst can either source data directly from other cloud applications, or bring data from on-premise applications to the cloud, or using hybrid connections to analyze on-premise data.

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Core Capabilities

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    Personal BI

    With the end-user data blending feature, users can create a 'personal BI sandbox' for performing self-service BI functionalities without compromising on governance and security aspects.

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    Extensibility with Centralized Packages

    Virtual instances of data and meta-data can be re-used by leveraging parent-child relationships between Birst spaces, thus leading to easier extensibility and a lowered TCO.

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    Automated Data Refinement (ADR)

    A complete ETL solution, ADR is responsible for creating optimized, analysis ready, shared data stores that eliminate the need for time consuming, manual, legacy based data processing activities.

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    Infinite Connectivity Framework

    Since data sources can be disparate and multiple, Birst provides configurable data access connectors that do not need any source code programming.

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    Birst Live Access

    With this feature, BI functions can directly access real-time, on-premise data without loading it into the cloud.

Industry Solutions


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    Handle Complexity with Ease Handle

    • Global supply chains are inherently complex in nature. With Birst, companies have known to increase their inventory turnover by as much as five folds. Use case driven analysis of integrated data leads to extraordinary insights towards solving some of the most complex business scenarios faced by today's organizations.
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    Rapid Deployment

    • Infor Birst follows the rapid deployment paradigm and is capable of performing instant upgrades and movements between the DEV/UAT/PROD environments. This significantly shortens the 'time to value' for organizations that start the path-breaking journey of business data analysis using Birst.

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    Adaptive User Interface

    • What is really unique to Infor Birst is that it displays a common user interface, whether accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. With the ability to adapt to each user's working style, its interactive approach aids in performing data filtering, opportunity finding, collaboration, and context navigation activities. As an added benefit, dashboards can even be saved on devices and then accessed in offline mode for conducting in-depth slicing and dicing operations.
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    Comprehensive Knowledge Base

    • Birst provides beginner, intermediate and advanced level lessons to developers through the Birst University. For the intellectually curious, there is also the Birst Community Think Tank that offers discussion forums, blogs, and live discussions for like-minded individuals across the globe.