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Infor Factory Track is just the right software that allows manufacturing organizations to effortlessly manage the human and the material aspect of operations by getting them to work together to achieve strategic goals. Completely mobile accessible, it is built using Infor Mongoose - a configuration based rapid application development platform, that eliminates the need for complex coding and algorithm building. Available as on-premise and cloud versions, Infor Factory Track is an end-to-end manufacturing execution system that can be used right from concept creation to end product delivery.

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Core Capabilities

  • Product management

    Payroll Optimization

    Infor Factory Track can be configured to select only relevant data from the payroll feed, thus simplifying month-end processing cycles. Additionally, data from previous months can be used as the reference so that only differential calculations are done.

  • Replenishment

    Employee Workspace

    Employees can easily access all the functions that are needed for performing their given tasks without the complexity of navigating across multiple screens and systems. Activities can also be shared across multiple employees with each of them having a common login to the system.

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    Real Time Material Handling

    Infor Factory Track is specially designed to support just-in-time production activities. With job status and material requirements being fed directly into the system, triggers for new purchases can be automated so as to ensure optimal stock levels at all times.

  • Product management

    Support for Lean Manufacturing

    Lean manufacturers can make the best use of Infor Factory Track through the use of a Kanban based replenishment system that supports transfer, purchase, JIT production and stock move orders.

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    Industrial Device Integration

    With Infor Factory Track, deployment of manufacturing automation devices such as barcode scanners, time clocks, and purpose-built devices becomes really easy with absolutely no separate software to be downloaded on the device.

Industry Solutions


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    Visual User Experience

    • Simple, widget based, attractive, touch screen UI that provides just the right information to keep end users engaged. With more than 90% of an organization's operations automated, manual processing and rework gets cut down significantly, leading to a process and data driven work culture.
  • Case Studies

    Seamless Integration with ERP

    • The Infor Factory Track Solution integrates well with main-stream ERP solutions such as Infor LN and Infor SyteLine. Organizations can thus save on integration costs associated with acquiring third party products and leverage the benefits of a cohesive end-to-end solution.
  • Case Studies

    Improved Inventory Cycle Times

    • Inventory counting is typically one of the most error prone activities in manufacturing organizations. Real time automation of operations at the warehouse through mobiles, tablets, kiosks, and hand held devices leads to greater accuracy and transparency in reporting inventory numbers.

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    Standardized Processes

    • Early adoption of a standards based process model gives organizations the competitive edge of following industry wide best practices and gaining recognition amongst the top ranked companies. Furthermore, it becomes very easy to identify outlier scenarios and accordingly take appropriate remedial measures without hampering the overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Case Studies

    Let Go of Paper

    • In-built documentation and reporting facilities, when utilized to their fullest can result in almost as much as 100% reduction in paper. Not only will your organization cut down on costs, you will also be contributing towards lowering carbon emissions.