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Godrej Infotech Limited takes pride in its Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice. Being a Gold partner with Microsoft Dynamics, Godrej Infotech Limited has successfully implemented and supported multiple CRM projects across industries and geographies, both individually and also bundled along with the AX, NAV and other ERP product families.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software has proven itself as a market leading CRM solution with the ability to dramatically increase customer stickiness, net new accounts and employee motivation across the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, non-profit, professional services, retail and public sector industries. Customers can additionally benefit by upgrading to newer versions that have enhanced capabilities such as the Cortana voice recognition system, in-built mobile client, real time data visualization and multi-level, multi-period financial forecasting.

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  • Sales


    • Opportunity management
    • Sales process management
    • Quotes
    • Fax integration
    • Order management
    • Sales force management
    • Sales literature
    • Direct e-mail

  • Marketing

    Customer Service

    • Case Management
    • Customer Information
    • Automated Routing and Queuing
    • Auto Response e-mail
    • e-mail Management
    • Service Scheduling
    • Searchable Knowledge Base
    • Service Contracts

  • Services


    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Create Lists
    • Qualify Lists
    • Campaign Templates
    • Campaign Execution
    • Track Marketing Information


  • Consulting & Auditing

    New Business Generation

    Organizations can proactively perform prospect segmentation activities with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data cleansing, mining and management tools. With the help of this market intelligence, you now have the power steering mechanism to target your efforts in the areas that have the highest closure potential.

  • Implementation

    Seamless Outlook Integration

    Most sales people still cite Microsoft Outlook as their preferred medium of communication. With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, you can continue to send and manage e-mail, organize business contacts and also set up your appointment calendar without having to switch back and forth between Outlook and CRM.

  • Upgrade & Migration

    Microsoft Social Listening

    Newer versions such as the CRM Online suite are well connected with social media that allow organizations to monitor trends, brand awareness and market sentiment about the company. Social listening provides automatic alerts to appropriate users on social media mentions related to your organization so that further engagement on the topic can be enabled.

  • Project Management

    Schedule and Dispatch Service

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM's centralized schedule and dispatch service is extremely helpful to find the right resource for the right kind of task. As a result of this feature, end customers can be assured of getting the best in terms of customer service for handling their unique queries and needs in spite of the location, language and skillset diversity of the sales team.

  • Integration

    Deployment Flexibility

    One of the most significant features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product is that it is built around a common code base that serves both the on-premise and the on-demand installations. Organizations have the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of deployment, and also change their choices based on changing business and IT situations.


  • Improved Sales Management

    Smarter Sales Staff

    For the sales person on the field, correctly leveraging the power of preparation can be all that is needed to win or lose that much coveted sales deal. Organizations can support their staff to create winning strategies by providing access to key resources such as customer histories and sales opportunities along with wizard driven intuitive user interfaces that motivate sales professionals to deliver their best performance. What's more, self driven sales staff can also utilize the embedded coaching feature to give further momentum to their sales initiatives.

  • Improved Marketing Efficiency

    Collaborative Closures

    With an integrated system in place, critical information related to leads, customers, products and prices can be consistent across the sales force and back office teams leading to higher productivity and cost savings. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the functionality for the back-office to efficiently organize product and location hierarchies so that the front office team has quick access to cross selling and up selling opportunities.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    Automated Business Process

    Organizations that have complex business processes can derive maximum value from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software by identifying and automating tasks and workflows using easy to use in-built customization tools and frameworks. Exceptional business scenarios can also be configured so that the business does not have to make any compromises as a result of using an automated system.

  • Business Productivity Gains

    In-Depth Customer Understanding

    Seasoned sales and service personnel will agree that what customers say and what they really mean are very often two distinct things. Understanding and empathizing with customers for their 'true' requirements is now possible by using advanced data capture and analytical tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This kind of upfront knowledge is what helps in providing the differentiating factors to close orders when there are multiple competitors that are interacting with the same customer.

  • Existing MS Technology

    Faster Response Time

    The integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM knowledge base - with its FAQ resources, tips and tricks and detailed manuals can be utilized to the fullest for providing quick real-time service to customer issues. The Case Management feature can be set up to include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so that all stakeholders are aware of ticket closure expectations. The system also provides for automatic escalation and routing so that the organization can take corrective actions in case of unanticipated situations.