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With more than 1,20,000 new Azure customer subscriptions being added every month, spread over 34 Data Centres across the Globe, Microsoft Azure is one of the top-ranked Integrated Cloud Services Platform today. It offers a complete, consistent platform for On Premise, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services that run in or across Private Cloud, Hosted, Public Cloud or Hybrid scenarios. By opting for the Azure platform, customers get the advantage of a large portfolio of services listed on Azure Market Place, such as Computing, Database, Intelligent Analytics, Storage, Disaster Recovery and Backup at cost effective, actual consumption based prices.

As a Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Dynamics certified Gold Partner for Cloud Competency, Godrej Infotech Limited is now focused to execute projects on Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. The Direct Model gives us the capability of managing end-to-end customer relationships related to Azure subscriptions and services. We have SLA- based, Cloud Managed Services offering that guarantees a cost effective, optimized and secure production environment infrastructure. Our services business model, customer support infrastructure, ability to scale, customer billing and invoicing capabilities are value additions that have been put in place for our esteemed customers.

Our Offerings:

  • Provisioning of Servers with Windows or Linux
  • SQL and RDP as PaaS
  • Azure Site Recovery - DRaaS
  • Backup and long term Data Storage services
  • Azure Network
  • Storage services
  • DevTest Platform
  • Products available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Websites development using ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js or Python
  • Management and Maintenance of Azure Deployments
  • Office 365
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power BI
  • Azure IoT Suite

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  • Sales

    Core Modules

    • Virtual Machines
    • SQL Database
    • Storage Solutions
    • Backup Solutions
    • Virtual Network
    • App Services
    • Cloud Services
    • Power BI Embedded
    • Mobile Engagement


  • Consulting & Auditing

    Multi-Geography Support

    When it comes to multi-location offerings, Microsoft is premium Cloud Provider with services spread across 34 Azure regions. Data location flexibility is one of the most sought after requirement from customers, and Microsoft is focussed on expanding its footprints across geographies to keep itself perfectly aligned to customer needs.

  • Implementation

    Dynamics on Azure

    Microsoft Dynamics now has a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution that is built on Microsoft Azure. The system combines business processing, BI, storage, compute and database services in a single, easy-to-use package.

  • Upgrade & Migration

    Security and Identity

    The Azure environment has inbuilt capabilities for security monitoring, alerts, directory synchronization, and single sign-on using Azure Active Directory. Additionaly, Integration with identity management mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication, device registration, role-based access control and the Azure Key Vault system safeguard user's data from external and internal threats within the Azure ecosystem.

  • Project Management

    Disaster Recovery

    With Azure's business continuity features, organizations can be assured of providing uninterrupted services to their end customers without the expensive options of using secondary infrastructure. Azure also has automated recovery plans that can restore entire data centres within a time frame of 2-3 hours. At Godrej Infotech Limited, we have special services to handle the setup of Disaster Recovery mechanisms including configuration of failover DR site, server replication, and backup options.

  • Integration

    Integrated Application Development

    Organizations can now use rapid application development models for creating enterprise-wide web and mobile based applications using Azure's App Service. Azure provides a robust, secure and standards based operational environment for application development, debugging, hosting, and administration.

    The Azure Marketplace is a great source for leveraging pre-built apps, packaged components and API services that have been developed by Microsoft and other specialized vendors.


  • Improved Sales Management

    Flexible Payment Options

    The pay-as-per-use model leads to significant reduction in an organization's capital expenses that can then be channelized into other key areas such as product development, marketing, and innovation. Furthermore, the charges are based on service type so that organizations can invest in just the required number of services that are needed for their operations. Godrej Infotech Limited offers procurement of subscriptions for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services on the Azure Cloud including Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure Marketplace products.

  • Improved Marketing Efficiency

    Solution Architecting and Consulting

    Organizations can benefit greatly from Godrej Infotech's vast experience in managing large infrastructures. Godrej Infotech provides consultation and guides clients for deciding on appropriate, cost-effective, and scalable architectures on the Azure Cloud. We also assist clients in selecting best-fit services and ready-made applications from the Azure Marketplace, along with periodic infrastructure monitoring and optimization initiatives.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    SLA Driven Services

    Customer expectations are managed and met with our SLA-based Cloud Managed Services. All activities right from deployment, setup and software configuration of Cloud Services to daily support activities are tracked and monitored for ensuring adherence to pre-defined quality and productivity parameters. A structured, severity level based service model is followed. The model has a strong focus on ensuring business continuity and leads to increased transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • Business Productivity Gains

    Easy Maintenance and Support

    Godrej Infotech provides shared support services on the Azure cloud for resolving performance, service availability, client connectivity, configuration, user administration, and access control issues. We also handle software updates and provide technical and usability support to ensure end-users can gain maximum productivity benefits from the Azure environment.

  • Existing MS Technology

    Risk Mitigation

    Changes to the environment are classified based on GITL's risk calculator and are closely monitored with pre-and-post implementation plans. All changes are tested thoroughly before any release is done on production environments.

    In the case of fixes and patch updates, downtime is pro-actively planned and estimated for and execution is done following customer approvals. Our Change Advisory Board (CAB) conducts fortnightly reviews based on pre-defined process guidelines.