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Implementation and Global Rollout

More than three decades of ERP, SCM, CRM and other product implementation experience has given us the extra edge needed to deliver on time, high quality solutions that meet the business needs of our clients. Organizations can select from a wide range of implementation services such as:

End to End Implementation
With an end to end implementation, we address all areas of the client's business to get them working together on one unified platform. Depending on the nature of your business model, you can choose from:

  • Standard Solutions
    Small and mid-sized companies can take advantage of our pre-packaged template based solutions specially designed for handling typical business functions in the areas of Finance, Master Planning, Sales and Marketing, Inventory and Warehouse, Procurement, Sourcing and Service Management. These solutions ensure that all major business operations are supported within the boundaries of reasonable ERP implementation budgets.
  • Customizations and Integrations
    We will go that extra mile for those businesses that need system integration with other complementary products or add-on functional modules and technical customizations to the standard ERP solution. Complex rules and configurations can be setup to handle those scenarios that are specific to the operations of certain industries and organizations.
  • Global Rollouts
    As part of our deployment strategy to make it easier for multi-location organizations, we will first conduct a pilot implementation at a pre-determined sample set of locations. Once the customer has approved of the same, the solution is rolled out to all other stores, branches and offices of the organization as per agreed upon schedules.

Data Migration
Master and transaction data management plays a critical role in the smooth running of an ERP system. When moving from a manual, semi-automated or legacy system to new or upgraded software, data import and sanitization activities are a pre-requisite to the go-live phase. Our indigenous data migration tools run on customized user defined criteria to provide our clients that all important factor of speed and accuracy of historical data uploads.

In this situation, organizations have already implemented large scale ERP systems but are not able to achieve their business goals probably due to the following reasons:

  • Erroneous system use due to lack of user training
  • Data upload and configuration issues
  • Architecture and Infrastructure issues that introduce performance bottlenecks

With our re-implementation services, we will wipe out erroneous transactions, re-architect and simplify the system setup, ensuring that original investments made by our clients in ERP systems can be re-claimed.